Our Solution

Designed by cowboys for cowboys

CowboySmart is management software designed for cattle feeding on feedyards or ranches with a feedyard. It’s made to be neighborly, built for interconnected use by:

  • Feed rations suppliers
  • Pharmacuetical suppliers
  • Major brand advertisers
  • Retail suppliers to ranches and cowboys
  • Equipment suppliers to ranches and cowboys
  • Shipping / transportation operators

CowboySmart is comprehensive enough to perform all the basic management functions needed by a ranch manager and simple enough to be easy to set up, learn and use. It makes the cowboy more efficient in his daily work and his feeding operation more profitable. 

The big ideas:
  • Simple/easy to use
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Ability to import existing data from excel files
  • Controls invoice accuracy
  • Ability to import data
  • Quick edits if something changes in a lot
  • Enhanced market competition/better pricing
  • Maximized profit/better cost-of-gain performance (translates to bonuses)
  • Access to additional local and national vendors
  • Satisfies need for comprehensive data

CowboySmart is built with great functionality

Ranch/feedyard owner

  • View real-time data
  • Get reports

Ranch/feedyard administrator

(executive officer)

  • Assign CowboySmart user roles
  • Change feedyard infrastructure
  • Invoicing and integration of invoices

Ranch/feedyard manager

(individual responsible for daily ranch/feedyard operations)

  • Administer feed and meds
  • Receive or ship animals
  • Issue RFQs/POs to vendors
  • Receive ordered goods
  • Receive/record goods and manage inventory/inventory cost
  • Reporting
  • Customer invoicing

Ranch/feedyard staff

  • Create accurate feed and bunk sheets
  • Capture accurate medical dosage/data

Ranch/feedyard customer

(corporate or individual owner of cattle)

  • View real-time data
  • Get reports

Rations, medications and shipping vendors

  • Pay a monthly fee to be in the CowboySmart system
  • Mapped within software to the products you carry (for easy sorting by ranch manager to produce RFQ)
  • Access to more ranches and feedlots in your area that need your products and services
  • Get RFQs by email, fax, text message, etc.
  • Save time making sales calls…CowboySmart can be the top of the sales funnel
  • Opportunity to perform and rise above competition