Making your operation smarter, more transparent and more profitable

CowboySmart’s intuitiveness comes home here. The Reports functionality of the user dashboard menu equips ranchers/owners to see and use critical data to run a tight, efficient, cost-controlled operation. CowboySmart reports pull from archived data for easy discovery, comparison and evaluation.

Get business reports:

  • Invoice
  • Invoice History
  • Buyer Summary
  • Received New Cattle
  • Daily Feed Output
  • Daily Vaccinations and Treatments
  • Daily Animal Count
  • Customer Closeout
  • Vaccinations and Treatments Summary
  • Dry Matter Consumption by Lot
  • Dry Matter Consumption by Pen

Get general reports:

  • Feed History
  • Feed Charge History
  • Medical History
  • Medication Charge History
  • Medications Usage
  • Lot Headcount and Locations History

The name of our software plays on the idea of “cowboy smarts” and the need for ranch managers to have/use big data to manage operations.