Never run out of feed rations. CowboySmart prompts you to “order now!”

The Inventory functionality of your user dashboard menu is designed for smart management and just-in-time, on-screen ordering of ingredients and medications.

  • See all the ingredients you use for your feed rations, and their unit cost. CowboySmart keeps track of the amount you have in stock, the reorder level and order lead time. The software prompts you when it’s time to check your inventory and reorder
    • You can add an ingredient
    • You can request a new ingredient
    • You can instant purchase ingredients
  • The ingredients procurement screen keeps track of consumption, feedings remaining, days remaining, reorder level and order lead time. It allows you to place an order and request an RFQ, if desired
  • The medications procurement screen does the same thing as the ingredients procurement screen, tracking amount used, amount on hand and more. It also prompts reorder
Annotation 2019-09-27 170113

CowboySmart saves you time and money and makes you more accurate. Figuring out rations for a thousand head of cattle eating 20 pounds a day means a lot of calculations and handwork. If your labor cost is $10/hour and you save one hour of handwork a day with CowboySmart, you save $300 a month. You save $100 over the monthly cost of the software.

Lonnie Owens