Enjoy fast, efficient, daily management of acquisition

CowboySmart facilitates quoting and purchase of desired cattle feed and goods from vendors within a set geographic radius who choose to subscribe. You’ll benefit from access to a broader network of needed suppliers and enhanced competition to help you achieve best prices.

The Purchase Orders functionality of your user dashboard menu is designed to make easy work of creating and sending cattle feed RFQs and POs to vendors in your CowboySmart territory.

  • Create ingredient RFQs and POs. See vendor response to your RFQ
  • Create veterinary RFQs and POs. See vendor response to your RFQ
  • Create shipping RFQs and POs. See vendor response to your RFQ
  • Functionality allows for instant purchase of cattle feed ingredients, veterinary services and shipping

CowboySmart saves you time and money and makes you more accurate. Figuring out rations for a thousand head of cattle eating 20 pounds a day means a lot of calculations and handwork. If your labor cost is $10/hour and you save one hour of handwork a day with CowboySmart, you save $300 a month. You save $100 over the monthly cost of the software.

Lonnie Owens

The monthly cost for a ranch/feedyard is equivalent to one tank of fuel.

Lonnie Owens

“Wow! Faster than anything I’ve ever used.”

Midwest ranch manager/CowboySmart tester

“With CowboySmart, you can complete your instant purchase in one minute.”

CowboySmart ranch user

“Receiving is faster than any software I’ve used.”

First CowboySmart ranch user

“I can keep closeouts for my cattle and now I have past history of closeouts. I can go back a year and determine what my cost of gains was. I can see what cattle performed where and why and adjust feed. It will also help determine purchase price on cattle.”

Kansas rancher/feedyard owner and tester

“Fast. Fast. Fast.”

First CowboySmart ranch user

“I’ll use CowboySmart for invoicing partnership cattle.”

Kansas rancher/stocker operator

“CowboySmart is built to help me keep a really tight grasp on inventory for doctoring and feeding. The system prompts me if my ingredients are getting low, asks me to check them and reorder.”

First CowboySmart ranch user

”I would absolutely recommend CowboySmart. Transition is slow for ranchers. This is extremely easy. And the service from the CowboySmart support team has been excellent, even on weekends.”

Todd Wiebe
rancher/feedyard owner in Burns, Kansas

Coming soon!

A planned software enhancement, CowboySmart will include functionality for rating suppliers, leading to improved performance and reliability.