Ranch/Feedyard Pricing

Field-tested! One low cost!

Competitor software platforms charge per head of cattle.

CowboySmart is available at the low fee of $199/month.

Compare CowboySmart with a primary U.S. ranch software competitor! CowboySmart gives you 36 points of functionality, compared to 22 offered by the competitor. With our cattle management software, you can uniquely:

  • Get bunk and load sheets
  • Make feed and medication charge entries
  • Record diagnosis and temperature
  • Realize
  • Retreat
  • Record medication and ingredient inventory
  • Make ingredients from others
  • Create a global list of meds and inventory
  • Issue RFQs and POs
  • Keep previous reports
  • Create multiple user accounts
  • Make the software your own by uploading your ranch brand!

Great service before, during and after setup

Change is hard. With CowboySmart you’ll start enjoying the benefits immediately, so we’ve created every support to move you successfully through setup. Once you start using it, you’ll never go back.

Our CowboySmart Setup Guide introduces you to the information you will be asked to provide on the CowboySmart Setup Cheat Sheet.

CowboySmart System Support is available for any questions you have to ensure your setup experience is smooth and successful.

CowboySmart saves you time and money and makes you more accurate. Figuring out rations for a thousand head of cattle eating 20 pounds a day means a lot of calculations and handwork. If your labor cost is $10/hour and you save one hour of handwork a day with CowboySmart, you save $300 a month. You save $100 over the monthly cost of the software.

Lonnie Owens